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5 weird things found in people’s homes

When you move into a new house, you never know what you’ll find left-behind from the previous homeowner. No matter how well they’ve cleaned up! Here are five of the weirdest things ever found in people’s homes – and yes, they are all real.

1. Mammoth bones

An Iowa family discovered the bones of a prehistoric mammoth, thought to be at least 12,000 years old, in their backyard.


(Image courtesy of ABC News)

2. Medieval well

A couple who spent almost three decades wondering what had caused their living room floor to dip, found out to their surprise that it was a medieval well dating back to the 16th century.


(Image courtesy of The Telegraph)

3. Van Gogh original

A norwegian man discovered a landscape painting in his attic in 1991 which he convinced himself must have been a fake. In 2013 however, an evaluation by expert historians declared it an 1888 original named “The Sunset at Montajour”.


(Image courtesy of House Crazy)

4. Mortar round

Police had to evacuate neighbouring properties after a man found a mortar round whilst cleaning out his father’s home. After a visit from the explosive ordnance disposal team, the device was disassembled and removed from the home.


(Image courtesy of Star Advertiser)

5. Ancient chapel

After a few drinks one night, The Farla family from Telford decided to inspect a metal grid in their detached Victorian home. They never expected what laid underneath – a hidden chapel.


(Image courtesy of Mail Online)

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