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10 top tips for a stress-free office relocation

Running a business can be challenging at the best of times, so when faced with an office relocation the last thing you want to do is make life more complicated for yourself. The good news is, as office removal specialists here at Easymove, we have some top tips for a stress-free office relocation:

1. Plan in advance
One of the top reasons for becoming stressed is through the absence of appropriate planning. We reccomend that, depending on the complexity of your IT setup, the size of your office and the number of items you need to move, that you should begin planning at least three months in advance. To help, create a list of tasks, the date they need to be carried out and by whom.

Of course, by this time you will have already secured a good quote from a removals company.

2. Choose an appropriate moving date
Be careful when choosing your moving date to ensure that it isn’t disruptive to your business. Try to pick a date which doesn’t conflict with your peak trading days and hours.

3. Communicate with staff
Make sure all staff are kept well informed about the situation, even before you have a moving date, so they have time to prepare themselves and factor in possible extra transport costs, along with starting to organise their belongings. Ensure there are clear communications channels for them to ask any questions they might have.


4. Update your details
The little things count. Make sure that all current and potential customers know you are moving premises. Get your business cards updated, along with the contact details on your website and social media profiles. You might even want to seek out some local press coverage alerting people of your business’s relocation.

5. Delegate tasks
You can’t do everything yourself, so make sure you clearly delegate respsonsibilities to different staff members or line managers in advance of the moving date. Many hands make light work.

6. Prioritise
Some bigger, more valuable items may need to be transported before others in order to get them installed in the new office first. Setting things up like your IT system and phone-lines means your employees can begin working in your new premises as soon as furniture is relocated.

7. Pack at the right time
Obviously there are many items you and your staff will need to be using right up until moving date, so make sure that you pack as much as you can at least 2-3 days in advance of your move, only leaving behind the absolute essentials for the final few days in your old premises.

8. Label furniture
Make sure that all furniture is appropriately labeled to correspond with its intended location and, if necessary, the staff member that it belongs to. Any boxes should also be labelled to indicate their contents, and their destination within your new premises.


9. Don’t be afraid to skip!
Every so often, a good clear out is warranted. If you have any items you question the need for, which can’t be sold, skip them! It will make life far easier in the removal process. If you’re really not sure, you could always put items into storage, in case you need them in the future.

10. Enjoy your move!
Relocating to new premises is exciting, so don’t forget to enjoy the move and stick the kettle on once you’ve settled in!