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Key Moving Terms All First-Time Buyers Should Know

At Easymove of Derby, we understand that moving home has the potential to be very stressful. This is especially the case if you’re a first-time buyer and you’re unfamiliar with the terminology used by estate agents, mortgage providers and removals companies. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled this list of all the key terms… Continue Reading »

How to set up broadband in your new home

The internet has become an important part of our lives, and vital to those with home businesses. Setting up broadband in your new house can be a minefield if you aren’t a tech wizard. Follow our four simple steps and get yourself online in no time! 1. Prepare before the move Contact your current provider… Continue Reading »

Learning a new language in three quick steps

Moving to a foreign country presents many challenges, most notably the language barrier. With the natural stress associated with a move and a new culture and environment to adapt to, it helps to know the essentials of the native language. Here’s how you can quickly get to grips with everything you need to get by:… Continue Reading »

5 weird things found in people’s homes

When you move into a new house, you never know what you’ll find left-behind from the previous homeowner. No matter how well they’ve cleaned up! Here are five of the weirdest things ever found in people’s homes – and yes, they are all real. 1. Mammoth bones An Iowa family discovered the bones of a… Continue Reading »

Moving with pets

Pets are as much a part of our families as anyone else, and they have individual personalities and needs which can make moving house difficult. Especially since typical household pets like cats and dogs have a strong attachment to what they consider to be their territory. A new address, and a change of scenery, may… Continue Reading »

Moving with children

When a change occurs, children can often have a hard time dealing with it – even if they don’t show obvious signs of distress. Though a move may be exciting to you, your child may feel as though their world is being turned upside down. To help support your child during the moving process, we… Continue Reading »

10 top tips for a stress-free office relocation

Running a business can be challenging at the best of times, so when faced with an office relocation the last thing you want to do is make life more complicated for yourself. The good news is, as office removal specialists here at Easymove, we have some top tips for a stress-free office relocation: 1. Plan… Continue Reading »

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